Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 03/09/12

Scrumptious Bagel for Lunch, Local Fruit 'n' Veg Store, Another Shopping Trip,
Superga's on a beach!, Teignmouth,
Pink Lady Apple's are the best, Cute Dog, Moroccan Lunch @ St Nicholas Market,
Mermaid Sculpture, Fig and Frozen Yog Pud! 
September has started as a busy month! I cannot count the amount of times I have travelled into Bristol for either shopping pursuits, visiting restaurants, meeting people or more shopping! However, since going back to school, my days have become more routine and less fun, thats what being in your final year of GCSE's feels like! And knowing that i've probably got another 6 years of education left is a scary yet exciting thought!
As the weather has started to worsen, with my first glimpse of true Autumn being playing Hockey earlier in the chilling wind with what felt like icicles pinning down on my exhausted body, I think its time to call in the chunky knits, fluffy jumpers and winter leggings! The shorts will now be at the bottom of the pile!
Enjoy Week 2 of September!

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