Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 03/09/12

Scrumptious Bagel for Lunch, Local Fruit 'n' Veg Store, Another Shopping Trip,
Superga's on a beach!, Teignmouth,
Pink Lady Apple's are the best, Cute Dog, Moroccan Lunch @ St Nicholas Market,
Mermaid Sculpture, Fig and Frozen Yog Pud! 
September has started as a busy month! I cannot count the amount of times I have travelled into Bristol for either shopping pursuits, visiting restaurants, meeting people or more shopping! However, since going back to school, my days have become more routine and less fun, thats what being in your final year of GCSE's feels like! And knowing that i've probably got another 6 years of education left is a scary yet exciting thought!
As the weather has started to worsen, with my first glimpse of true Autumn being playing Hockey earlier in the chilling wind with what felt like icicles pinning down on my exhausted body, I think its time to call in the chunky knits, fluffy jumpers and winter leggings! The shorts will now be at the bottom of the pile!
Enjoy Week 2 of September!

Topshop A/W12

Purple Flippy Dress, Lace Collar Top, Cherry Check Leigh Jeans, Selection of Socks
For some strange reason, my blog has been preventing me from posting photos for about two weeks now, which is why my blog has been some what quiet for a while now, luckily tonight, it has decided to allow me to post! Hooray!

Yesterday I splurged in Topshop and bought an on trend purple coloured dress, a lace collar top and some checkered jeans perfect for a/w 12! I also bought some socks with the 3 for £8 deal - nothin' like a good steal!

Hope everyone is enjoying what September has brought so far! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Louise Gray for Topshop

I recently purchased the new Louise Gray for Topshop 'Junkyard' nail polish, the nail polish needs a colour underneath as the glitter comes out very sparsely, I chose to use white underneath!
I think you could easily use a bright blue or black to make the glittery nail polish stand out even more!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Shopping Spree

#Army Parka #Oxblood #Aztec #Studs #LouiseGrayforTopshop

     Okay so I think I may have spent a bit tooo much today! The spending started off at Topshop where I purchased a cute Aztec Bodycon skirt and some Louise Gray Nail Polish before it sells out! I then ventured to Urban Outfitters where I bought two lovely oxblood hue tops in the sale - Bargain prices! Keeping in with the oxblood theme (hot for a/w12), I also grabbed some chick Superga shoes! To complete my shopping endeavour, I bought my ARMY PARKA! I was so excited, I tried on one in about every shop, in every size and shape before falling for this studded Zara army jacket, I can already tell I will be wearing it every day in the winter... can't wait!

It's in the N A I L S

My attempt at nail art, Nail Art pens and jewels, Topshop Eclipse Nail Polish
Using a layer of Topshop Eclipse Nail Polish, followed by a few gold gems on each nail and a layer of top coat, I transformed my nails into something almost mermaid like! Not exactly rivalling the nail art some shops offer but oh well!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Which: Lightweight Parka

      (1) UO £75    (2) Topshop  £65    (3) New Look  £44.99   (4) Topshop £48    (5) UO £55
(UO = Urban Outfitters)
It seems that every A/W season, the khaki army style parka survives to make the on trend list.
This season however, the parka has a new edge when slotted into the current grunge trend. A/W 12 has decided to embellish the latest parkas with numerous pockets as seen at (1), loaded with leather- (2) and (3), covered in camo (4) and (5) as well as being decorated in jewels at Zara, more zips than you could imagine at Topshop and given that instant desirable cosy feel by the use of Sherpa at UO (5).

My favourite: Has to be the combined effect of leather with the khaki, I like the way the black leather is transformed into something less biker (which I normally avoid as I find it too harsh) and also makes the parka a bit less relaxed so it could potentially be worn out to dinner in the cold English weather! I predict that many purchases will be made on parkas this season, so opting for this version of the parka could make you stand out from the crowd!

Walking to Salcombe

     Yesterday my family along with my black lab Guinness walked from the lovely Hope Cove, Devon to Salcombe (Our fav destination in the UK.. apart from home of course!)
The day began with a 2 hour car journey to Hope Cove, before having Americanos and a yummy Almond Croissant shared between the four of us, we then departed Hope Cove and set off on our 8 mile journey! For lunch we purchased crab sandwiches (what else?!) and when we reached South Sands we all had scrumptious Salcombe dairy ice creams!
At around 4 o'clock we had reached the town of Salcombe fit with its expensive holiday homes and Fore Street filled with holiday makers! After pottering around the shops and me not spending a SINGLE penny (Shock ;o) we headed to our favourite pub in Salcombe, the Ferry Inn, for drinks and then to the Victoria Inn for a fish filled Dinner!
The entire time the weather was magnificent - Sunny and clear blue sky above!
Walk to Salcombe, South Sands, Beautiful Views, Eclipse Topshop Nail Polish, Ferry Inn, Wildflowers